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Certified Protection Officer (CPO)

The CPO program is designed for security officers and students who wish to learn more about security/asset protection. It is for the career-oriented individual. Successful CPOs find that the program significantly improve the job performance by providing a broad understanding of the roles, duties and responsibilities of the security officer. The professional certification also enhances career and earnings potential.

Course Contents:

12 Units – 45 Chapters Covered in four Modules. Each module will have a Multiple-Choice Question (MCQ) Exam. The Passing score is 70% or higher.

Who Can Apply:

The course is open to anyone who wishes to start a career in security industry.

Time Investment:

80 hours

Certified Security Supervision and Management

The Unique and flexible, the Certified in Security Supervision and Management (CSSM) Program is designed to meet the needs of the security supervisor or manager. The program is suitable for candidates who wish to advance their career in security to seek managerial positions. Existing mangers can brush up their knowledge and skills.

Who Can Apply:

All applicants enrolling into the CSSM Program MUST have 6 months security experience or equivalent.

Program Qualification Guidelines

  1. Completion of the Final Examination – Complete 258 multiple choice questions. Passing score is 70% or higher.
  2. Completion of the Written Practical Exercises – Candidates may take 6 months to complete their written assignment, Submission scored by committee – may take up to 4 weeks. 70% or higher score required for passing.

Certified Protection Officer Instructor (CPOI)

Certified Protection Officer Instructors are individuals who teach the Certified Protection Officer (CPO)Program or a portion thereof. CPOI's are Certified Protection Officers who have made a significant professional commitment toward advancing themselves as teachers, researchers, mentors and leaders. They are instructors, professors, consultants and supervisors. Certified Protection Officer Instructors teach various topics relating to security and asset protection. They advance the objectives of the IFPO within their respective areas of employment.

Being designated as a Certified Protection Officer Instructor is a noteworthy achievement. It is a significant career milestone.

Candidates for the designation must meet the following qualifications:

  1. Current designation as a Certified Protection Officer (CPO).
  2. Membership in the International Foundation for Protection Officers.
  3. One year full time security experience (part-time requires two years). The experience listed by the candidate must indicate they were completely or primarily responsible for the protection of assets (Security, Crime Prevention or Loss Prevention). Law enforcement or investigative experience in and of itself will not suffice to fulfill this requirement. Candidate should specify job titles and responsibilities. All relevant experience should be listed on the application.
  4. Post-secondary education at some level must be documented. This can be college courses or other substantial instruction in any subject given by a corporate, military, governmental or educational organization covering forty (40) or more hours. Courses in communications, supervision, leadership, etc. are all examples of post-secondary education.
  5. Five years teaching experience or equivalent
  6. Don’t have Teaching Experience?  For candidates who do not have previous teaching/instructor experience, IFPO offers a Train-the-Security-Trainer course.  This live, virtual instruction will be conducted with Dr. Glen Kitteringham, CPP.  This course focuses on the tactics and strategies to successfully train and mentor security personnel to increase the security effectiveness.

Discover additional information about the Train-the-Trainer course by clicking this link.

Other Courses

Customer Relations
for Security Professionals

The course is specifically designed to meet the needs of the aspiring security supervisors and managers.

Topics included:

  • Managing Customer Expectations
  • Conflict Management
  • Transforming complaints into opportunities.

Fundamentals of Security Risk Management

The course discovers the essentials of security risk management principles.

Topics included:

  • Identify Threats, Assets and Vulnerabilities
  • Security Risk Assessment
  • Creating a Comprehensive Plan.

Control Room
Operator (CRO)

The CRO course is designed to meet the needs of the new CRO position or who are already serving as a CRO.

Topics included:

  • Emergency Response Procedure
  • Communication and Monitoring
  • Incident Escalation Management

Training of Trainers

This 5-days virtual instructor-led training (VILT) program has been designed to provide a comprehensive foundation for the effective planning and delivery of training of protection officers and other security teams.

Topics included:

  • Training Fundamentals
  • Planning the Training Sessions



This lesson discusses theories of workplace crime how these theories might be used to minimize occurrence.

Topics included:

  • Introduction to Crime Prevention
  • Theories of criminal motivation
  • Adversary path analysis

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